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Why Annuities

There are many reasons why people use annuities, but the two main reasons are predictable results and safety. Annuities can provide you with predictable results in a few different ways. Some annuities come with a guaranteed interest rate for a set number of years. Other annuities can provide better returns over a longer period of time, but still guarantee that you will never lose money, even if the stock market goes down. The third way people achieve predictable results with annuities is through payments that last for a guaranteed length of time (usually the rest of your life). These guaranteed payments can be equal payments or they can increase to ensure retirees will have enough money, even if the cost of living goes up. As you explore our website we hope you will learn when it makes sense to consider an annuity. Of course, if you want to know if an annuity is a good solution for your situation, you can always talk with one of our advisors. Douglas Warner Lead Annuity Specialist