About Us

UtahAnnuities.com was set up to help Utah residents find good, accurate information about a variety of Annuity products which are often used for long term savings, retirement plans, and retirement income. We strive to give you accurate and honest information. We work with top rated companies so you know your annuities are backed by some of the strongest companies in the world.

We attribute our success to three key differences in our business:

  • Trusted local agents
  • True Independence
  • Empowering the customer to make the best decisions for their circumstances

Trusted Local Agents

We believe local agents are an essential part of this process. Local agents are part of the community and care about the people that they work with. Our main office is in Centerville, Utah and we welcome you to stop by any time, but we are also happy to come to you no matter what part of the state you live in. We want you to know you can work with real people to help you find real solutions.

True Independence

No one insurance company has all of the best products or rates. We partner with dozens of the top insurance companies to make sure we can offer the best solutions for your unique situation. We also know new products and new rates come out often, so we don't make any recommendations until we have had a chance to meet with our clients and learn about their goals. Once we understand what the client wants, we compare the products and rates that are currently available.

Empowering Customers

We empower our customers by providing them with honest and accurate information presented in a way that they can understand. We want our customers to know that they are in charge, and we strive to teach them enough about the available products that they understand their options and can make the best choices for their unique situations. We share our expertise, but ultimately our goal is to help you achieve your goals. We know that every situation is different, and we believe the best solution is the solution that works for you.

Before we contract with new companies we always check their financial stability ratings. We look for companies with ratings by A.M. Best of Good or better. We prefer companies with "A" level ratings, but in some cases we do work with a few companies that also have B++ ratings. B++ is the fifth highest rating out of 13 that A.M. Best offers. We will always disclose the company rating for any product we recommend, and we are happy to provide other options if a client has ratings preferences.

UtahAnnuities.com is operated by Utah Life & Annuity. We work with most of the top life insurance and annuity companies as a part of the Insurance Matters agency license #291745

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